Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Onwards and Upwards...

well I guess. I mean I'm pretty much starting from nothing so I can only go up, right? Or I can not try and be horrible to the point where I go beyond "crappy" and emerge on the other side "genius". Hmmm ... just kidding. Well to give you an idea where I started in April(2009), basically as far as sketching goes I couldn't even draw a box. Well I drew a box, but the perspective was wrong, there was no detail, and worst of all I couldn't shade correctly so it didn't look 3D. As far as my car sketching goes, all of that plus ... really really ugly wheels.

So after my 30 weeks of assignments(1 class a week for 10 weeks per term for 3 terms) I'm somewhere around here.

For 30 weeks it's not bad, but then again for 30 weeks it could be a lot better. I didn't make it into the advanced class for my school. But there's a chance I could get in after the first semester this year. Therefore my goal for the 1st term is to improve more then I did from all of last year.

Setting myself for a big task eh? For starter's I'm going to have to start drawing everyday. It sounds easy to do, as it should be, but when you get to know me, I'm a CHRONIC procrastinator. Sketch some cars everyday, sketch an object everyday, and work on my "visual narrative". Those are my three pillars to success!

Pillar One - Draw a car everyday with a concept. That means defining the user and how the car will be used.

Pillar Two - Sketch and object everyday. Whether it be a self-portrait, my shoes, or a whiskey bottle. Work on some classical sketching.

Pillar Three - My "visual narrative". I don't know what to call it actually. It's like a comic book with out words; like those high quality story-boards people draw when making movies. (Have you seen the Art of the Matrix or the Art of Avatar) That's the kind of thing I'm talking about. If you know what it's called, please let me know. With this I can practice Photoshop and do something other than draw cars. I like Sci-Fi, so it'll be nice to draw some spaceships and imaginary worlds.

So my goal is to do at least one of each a day. I;ll just have to see how well it goes!

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  1. Hey T! Glad to see the blog is in action! Maybe it will help in motivating you since you'll have to start updating this with content all the time!

    Please do your best kudasai.