Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Messing around.

If you read my profile or the first post, I think I mention somewhere I'm an aspiring car designer. As of now I only have ONE car sketch up on my blog. That might be a problem.

So today I went to school to just sketch with a friend. He's in the Motorcycle Design program whereas I'm in the Car Design program. I'm a big fan of bikes myself and when ever I get together with him we just end up talking about motorcycles and end up skecthing motorcycles.

He said something to me that was a slap in the face, but a slap in the in the face worth considering. His words exactly, "You know, your car designs are really boring, but everytime you draw a bike, it's not bad. Maybe you should switch to the motorcycle design program and keep me company.". Ouch ... Ouch! But he's a honest guy and I appreciate that. So that being said here's one of my doodles from today.
I haven't rendered a car or a motorcycle in Photoshop for awhile so I'd though I'll give it a shot today. It's a lot simpler than sketching something out of my imagination, but hot damn I need to work on my speed!

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