Friday, May 7, 2010

First day of 2nd year classes.

So after a looong Spring break(2 months), I went back today for my first day of classes for my second year at school.

First class in the morning was Japanese. I really wish I studied Japanese a lot harder when I was in elementary school, because it's really really boring. I each English at an English conversation school to make ends meet and I'd like to think I give pretty good lessons. Students get to use the language and we have a few laughs. But my Japanese teacher just talks and talks and talks. So much for practical use.

Anyway this blog isn't about me complaining about school. The second class of the day was called, "Car Construction/Structure". This was an interesting class. My teacher used to be the head of the design department over at Hino Motors and talked about different materials and resources. He liked to go off tangent and he talked about a doomed Honda Fit Cabriolet project. That was quite interesting. Although he has one of those voices that hits the right frequency for drowsiness.

The third and final class of the day was CG Sketch class. Today was just warming-up to Photoshop and I'm glad I was doing my own thing during my break. I finished my in-class assignments fairly quickly and started working on my little sketch down below.

Pretty simple. I'm missing a lot of detail I know. No brakes, no steps, no levers, no hubs, and the list goes on.

Tomorrow is my first day of 2nd year Car Design class so I'll try and update this blog tomorrow to let you know how it went.

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